Thursday, August 24, 2006

Join us in Candle Light Vigil

As you might be aware,the Union Cabinet passed the bill of 27% reservations for OBC`s in central institutions. The bill would be tabled in parliament towards the end of the current session. The matter is still pending in the Supreme Court.

The youth for equality hereby informs and request all the Youth throughout India and abroad to gear up for the battle that lies ahead.

A massive rally of was carried out at Jantar Mantar by students and doctors from AIIMS, Maulana Azad Med College, JNU,IIT Delhi, Delhi University on 22,Aug 2006.

Similar Protests are happening in all parts of the Nation with Medicos going on Mass Casual Leave Today(24 Aug,06).

Please join us in Candle Light Vigil to Show Light to the corrupt

Venue: Near Cyber Pearl Main Gate
Date : 25 August 2006
Time : 6:30 PM.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Full slideshow is on CnnIbn

Another sad outcome of the cabinet meeting has been that the benifit of reservations will not go to the people who are needy and poor and really deserve it, but the creamy layer will be the benificiary. So much for the OBC people crying themselves hoarse that this is for the betterment of the people.

Vande Mataram ( oh ! sorry, forgot that it is not meant to be sung )

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Final Frontier

Please forward it to those who are concerned!!

Well here comes the moment of truth. The battle lines are finally drawn.As you might be aware, the Union Cabinet passed the bill of 27% reservations for OBC`s in central institutions. The bill would be tabled in parliament towards the end of the current session. The matter is still pending in the Supreme Court. The youth for equality hereby informs and request all its members throughout India and abroad to gear up for the battle that lies ahead.

This is no time for reconciliation; it is the time to stem the ridiculous policies of the Union government to fragment our society on the basis of cast.They believe that by curbing the movement which started in April, they have successfully managed to diffuse the entire matter. Let us show that the fire still burns in out hearts. Let us show them our strength.Let us not waste the time and effort of all the state co-coordinators and other members, who have toiled selflessly over the past few months to carry this movement forward. Let us carry from where we left off, let us once again show the government that such sort of petty wont bank politics have no place in our country. Remember,

Jai Hind !!!
Youth For Equality

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

14th Aug : Symbolic Protest

"Youth For Equality" Chapters across the Globe will go for a Symbolic Protest

Black Day
On 14th August 2006

Everybody knows that Government is ready to bring the OBC reservation Bill in the ongoing Monsoon Session of the Parliament. Even though the Matter is Subjudice in Supreme Court, there is no bounding on Government to not table the Bill in the Parliament. We need to show our Strength to the Government by Non-Violent Means.

What you need to Do:-

1. Wear Black Clothes on 14th August and show your Protest. Take Pride in being part of the Protest.
2. Students, Professionals, Businessmen, vendors, pensioners, farmers and housewives should take part in the Protest by wearing Black. (At least a Black Ribbon).

How You Can Help:-

1. Don't depend on Internet Alone.
2. Paste Posters.
3. Distribute Pamphlets.
4. Distributing Pamphlets in Person is a huge task, Catch the Newspaper Vendor, Pay him Money, He will put a pamphlet each in Newspapers.
5. Stickers can be pasted on Newspapers.
6. Scroll Headlines in Local Cable TV Channels.
7. Banners in Front of Schools, Colleges and Offices.
8. Loudspeaker Announcements.
9. Put Stalls in front of your colleges, Organizations, Bus Stands and distribute Black Ribbons.
10. E Mails/Internet: Draft a common Mail and post it on all Yahoo Groups, Google Communities, and YFE Blogs etc.

Jai Hind
Saurabh Bharadwaj
YFE-Hyderabad Chapter

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No OBC Quota in R&D

The Moily report has recommended that there should be no OBC quota in institutes primarily engaged in R&D. They have also recommended that the fellowship program of the IIMs to not have the Quota.

However, it waits to be seen if the government will take up this recommendation or just do its own willy-ninny. As far as the latest news goes, the Govt is still clueless about the numbers of the OBCs in India.
Union government does not seem to have a single figure of the OBC population and has not taken a decision on confirming the figures in the wake of wide gaps between the figures quoted by Mandal Commission report and the NSSO survey.
The IIMs after their look at the govts proposal to increase the seats in the Institute have given the govt. a 500 crore bill and a phased implementation over 4 years. This looks like also adding a 3rd campus to IIM Ahmedabad to take care of the inflow.

And the Govt still seems to be blustering around. The much expected monsoon session has been deffered to the end of Sep/early October. Wonder why they have to defer the monsoon session and its ok, while we have to pay our taxes on time and any slip is going to be fined. Why is the govt not fined for their shoddy work ?

Excellent presentation on reservation from YFE Mumbai

Friday, July 28, 2006

Blood needed

Bhumi and YFE Hyderabad Chapter are organising blood camp this Sunday, 30th July to show support to Mumbai Blasts victims.

Date : 30th July 2006
Venue : Police Hosiptal, Begumpet
Time : 9am to 2pm
We have tied up with Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust for the same. We will also provide you transportation. All we need is your support!

Please confirm your availability by email to by saturday morning. Pass this message to all your friends.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Were you there?

We had human chain followed by candle walk on necklace road on july 23rd, sunday from 6.30pm onwards.

More than 200 people participated in the event. It was fairly successful.

We started from people's plaza necklace road and marched towards secreteriat. When to procession was moving peacefully towards secreteriate police in its colonial way interevened and stopped our walk.

We paid homage to mumbai blast victims by observing 2 minutes of silence, followed by national anthem.

We are planning have more protest in coming days. Tentatively on 15th August. So stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

23 July : Human chain and candle walk at Necklace Road

Dear Friends,

As you may be aware Monsoon Session of Parliament is about to being on 24th July. We believe this is going to be one of the most important session in the history of independent India.
Government will bring the bill to introduce reservation in the institutes of higher learning and excellence. What do we do? Sit and Gossip? No.

Lets tell them that you are acting in the best interest of your party not entire nation. Divide and Rule will not work this time. Lets expose their hidden motives.

As we have done before, lets protest. In democracy and civilised society that's the best way to register our unhappiness. 16 years back government used the same weapon of wait and watch.
They succeeded last time. And we have reservations. Shall we learn from our own history? We shall not make the same mistake again.

Lets also use this occassion to tell those terrorists who have bombed trains in mumbai that youth of India is united. Lets pay homage to our brotherns who died in that attack.

Join us...

Date: 23rd July 2006
Day : Sunday
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Necklace Road

Fight we must...
Because generations to come will ask what we did so that India can become a better society...
History will not absolve you for abdicating your duty... thus fight we must... May we win may not.

Evil wins not because they are powerful but because
Good souls remain quiet and confined to their homes


Those who care about facts on reservation:
  1. Mandal commission did its study in 1978-79 today is 2006 (27 years later!)
  2. Research Planning Team of sociologists met only once in Delhi from June 12th to 14th, 1979 to draw up a plan of studies and researches which should be undertaken by Backward Classes Commission for determining, in a scientific and objective manner the criteria for defining socially and educationally backward classes.
  3. A Panel of Experts led by Prof.M.N. Srinivas, met in Delhi from July 16 to 20th,1979, i.e. for five days, and, a heard detailed deliberations, prepared a complete design of the survey along with a set of schedules, dummy tables, instructions, etc." So, these two Groups in a sense laid down, what the Commission could do. Now, what did the Commission actually do with it, because neither of these teams was constituted after this? This means no specialist, no sociologist was involved with this report, apart from those eight days.
  4. Cost Indexing data used in this report is of 1891, 1931 Census data was collected and analysed with a view to getting a frame for the linkage of traditional occupations by caste. Can we really interpolate form 1891 and1931, to 1990; or does something better needs to be done? (115 and 75 year old data !)
  5. Mandal says in his report "Only one or two States, of them furnished the necessary details. Further, several States did not choose to respond even to some simple and straight-forward questions on important policy issues"
  6. Mandal says in his report "the views of every individual group and association were conditioned by their own class interests and the question of giving concessions to OBCs was surcharged with emotion". That means, the input that he has got from individuals and associations has been very biased by the people who presented them. He then goes on to say: "It was but natural that most of the respondents appearing before the Commission belonged to the OBC." That means, the inputs that he has got are not reliable as a cross section of society.
  7. Only 810 villages out of over 5 lakh villages were surveyed as a sample. "Experts panel had recommended "one per cent purposive sample of villages at the district level to be able to identify a vast majority of backward classes
  8. Mandal himself said in his report "In the end, it may be emphasized that the survey has no pretensions to being a piece of academic research. It has been conducted by the administrative machinery of the Government... All these factors obviously militate against the requirements of a technically sophisticated and academically satisfying operation." He himself has said that this operations is not scientific, is not technically sophisticated and it is not even academically satisfying.
  9. One of the problems was that when the Commission itself wanted to go to the villages and see the realities, while the survey covered 810 villages, the Commission itself only visited 37 villages out of 500000 villages in india
  10. Only 28 per cent of the respondents favoured caste as the sole criterion. 78 percent said that caste can be one of the criteria, but not the sole criterion. So, most of the respondents to mandal commission who were 0BCs.have said that they do not want caste as the single definer
  11. National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) puts OBC population at 32 per cent, the National Family and Health Survey at 29.8 per cent

What Rajiv Gandhi Said:
Do we want all these benefits to be cornered and taken away by land-holders and land lords? Why do we not exclude the people with a certain member of properties from such benefits? Do we want these benefits to go to high senior Government officers who already have got that privilege?

What objection can there be to what I am saying? In fact, every objection that I am hearing is only confirming my fear that this Government is aiming these benefits
at a particularly privileged group and not looking at the really poor.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Democracy without Freedom of Speech ?

What is the difference between a Democracy and a Dictatorship ?

One of the main ones is the Freedom of Speech.

However, the present goverment of India seems not to to think so. For them a democratic government is about curbing the rights of people. Be it the censor board, the broadcast ministry or the Department of Telecom. Rediff reports about the blogging sites of blogger ( this site is a blogger site) being blocked due to a directive from the government.

J Grewal, Spectranet's Delhi representative at the National Internet exchange of India, told this reporter that, on July 15, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) had sent ISPs a list of sites to be blocked. R H Sharma, senior engineer with MTNL, said the list ran into some 22 pages.

This is atrocious move in a democratic country. Our forefathers did not fight the British and achieve freedom to have it taken away from a government caucus.

The blogs blocked also include Mumbai Help which is a blog for the help of the victims of the mumbai blasts.

Join the google group against this if you are keen to see this ban lifted.

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